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Improve Water Evaporation Processes

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

ZoomEssence | Lawerence Livermore National Laboratory

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Livermore Lab is working with ZoomEssence to help improve the design of spray dryers to increase energy efficiency.


iconTargeting energy-intensive water evaporation processes
iconUsing advanced models to simulate the physics of spray drying enabled Livermore researchers to increase ZoomEssence’s energy efficiency.
iconZoomEssence partnered with Livermore to run advanced computation fluid dynamics codes on the Laboratory’s high-performance computers to understand the dryer’s flow conditions.
iconLivermore modeled large flows and small-scale turbulence simultaneously to identify the major sources of turbulence production in ZoomEssence dryers and characterized the turbulence intensity throughout the dryer.
iconResearchers found that turbulence aids in mixing the fluid, and increased turbulence could greatly enhance particle drying.

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Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Improve Water Evaporation Processes Zoom Essence

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory